Today, I had the pleasure of meeting two gentlemen from Seattle that had never been to the East Coast… They were in awe of Cape Cod’s vast beauty.

 I told them they needed to visit Provincetown to visit the Pilgrim monument and see what kind of energy went into the building of such a structure, then compare it with Plymouth Rock, of which, there is a vast difference. 

You can look at it in two ways, Cape Cod was either the birth of a Nation or the Death of a Nation, depending on which side you are on. The Indian Nation accepted their new visitors from across the seas and taught the Pilgrims how to survive the tough northern winters; little did they know what that meant.

 The Indian Nation had an entirely different view of the earth and attempted to teach their new visitors the vision they had of this wonderful planet. Somehow I think we “collectively” have lost touch with what’s good for this world. Personally, I want to see a positive change on this planet before I leave this world and I believe in my heart, collectively we can make a positive change, not only for us, but also for future generations to come.

We need to unleash our collective minds, because the fact is, only collectively, can we build a better world…


2 comments on “Provincetown
  1. Dena says:

    I was having this exact thought, a birth or a death. Thankful for your words.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Dena, I hope the words in my blog is thought provoking and brings a smile to those that take the time to read and comment.

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