Our Gull Pond location is dying!!


I do believe you are owed an explanation, I unfortunately, cannot mention names.

The situation is, Jacks has become too successful on Gull Pond and there is a small group of very rich and powerful people that would like to see things slow down on Gull Pond.

A number of years ago this group of people had a representative of the Town of Wellfleet speak at their annual meeting and this person described their plan for Gull Pond. This plan was quite specific, the first thing was to remove Jacks Boat Rental from Gull Pond and the second was to limit public access so as to slow the activity on the pond to an acceptable level according to them. The way I came across this information was through the minutes that was posted on their web site, unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to make a hard copy of these minutes and they have since been removed from their site, all I can tell you is, I read it with my own eyes. Fast-forward to today, the last six or seven years have been a struggle for Jacks. The difficulties that Jacks has gone through was clearly the intent of removal altogether. The next piece of the plan was to slow down activity at the pond; this is being done by a group of people that is calling it “ The Gull Pond Restoration Project”. To my understanding, a meeting was held this past winter to discuss this plan. This plan calls for an end of parking among the trees as has been done since I was a boy. It is their intent to plant vegetation and remove much of the existing parking. If you limit the parking you limit the number of people that can use the pond at any given time. The boat ramp will also be redone. Sad to say Gull Pond will never be the same if their plan is implemented.

Thank you for all of your support, I love you all.

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