Whatever happened to the firefly??

Summertime fun on Cape Cod when we were young consisted of many things.

Many of us will remember going to the cupboard and getting a glass jar to capture some fireflies. We would wander in the woods looking for that flash, when we found it, we would carefully scoop that fly into the jar, later we would see if we could read from the collection of light. Just to let you know, I was never able to read from those flies… that being said, it was a wonderful activity.  We were in nature… we were not captivated with the I-Pads, I-phones, computers, etc. that our young have adopted in this age. There were no electronics to distract us from seeing the world around us. It was the simple things that kept us occupied…  flying a kite,building a tree fort, surf casting, exploring, skinny dipping in some of the Cape’s wonderful kettle ponds, and yes, even catching fireflies on a warm summer evening. Yesterday, as I drove around delivering and picking up boats, I came across two young children riding their bikes, an activity that I also enjoyed at that age. One thing I noticed that was different, one of them was using his I-phone and the other had her ear buds in and was listening to her I-tunes. They were both plugged in, unfortunately not to their surroundings and nature. As I sit on my deck and reflect back to those warm summer nights, I realize the world has changed, even the fireflies are not as plentiful.

We can learn so much from nature, if only we can stop, open our eyes and listen!

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