Have you noticed??

A short time ago I wrote a story about paying it forward and used an example of driving on Cape Cod and being thoughtful of other drivers. This year so far, Cape Cod has seen considerably more traffic and many more accidents but one thing I have noticed and I believe you probably have too, if not, you should. There are many more people driving with courtesy of other drivers, they are flashing their lights and giving someone a break. As I said, slowing down and allowing someone to go in front of you doesn’t take a lot of effort but it sure makes life a lot less stressful. It’s kind of like holding a door open for someone, small gesture with positive returns. This world needs to change, anger and hate needs to be replaced with love and kindness. The funny thing is each one of us has the ability to make that change.

Next time you are on the road take notice; I think you will see the ripples of change.

Hopefully you will want to become part of this positive change.

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