The Beachcomber in the beginning

The Wellfleet Beachcomber is about to enter its 35th year and yes, I was there from the beginning. Reflecting back to the beginning puts a smile on my face, the friendship I have with Todd and Hugh the owners, is great.

This old building has gone through many changes from its original use. In the beginning this building was used as a Coast Guard life saving station. Because of the way Cape Cod protrudes into the Atlantic, many sailing ships on their way to Boston would miscalculate in their navigation and end up on the shores of the Cape. There were a number of these stations built all along the coast on the outer Cape; the Coast Guardsmen had beach patrols and would walk from station to station looking for distressed mariners. Each station was equipped with life saving equipment and a large rowboat to get out to the grounded vessel. As navigation improved, the need for these patrols became obsolete and the buildings were either removed or sold off. The Beachcomber has a very colorful past, too much for me to cover in this blog, so I’ll just cover when Todd and Hugh bought the building. ——– OK——- So I just got off the phone with Todd—- he helped refresh my memory. I couldn’t remember exactly how I met him and Hugh, he told me I was his gas delivery guy and then a light went on… It seems that I have this memory of going to the Beachcomber during the winter months with a heavy fleece lined jacket and a wide brimmed hat. Once inside, I would place hat and coat behind the bar, order a beer, play pool, and dance on the newly laid out dance floor till the wee hours. The problem was, the Beachcomber is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So how could this be? Well it seems I forgot a very important part; The Beachcomber was open the entire year in its first year in business!! Reaching back 35 years the memory can get a little fuzzy; as Todd and I talked about the beginning years more memories were restored. I remember working for Todd and Hugh by helping build the dance floor, remodel the kitchen, and handle bar back duties, in our conversation Todd also reminded me that I also worked the front door for a short while. The memories we threw back and fourth were great, and we had quite a few laughs. We had to admit its been quite a journey. We both agree, the energy in this place is very positive and like Jacks Boat Rental, we both enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of the many people that visit Cape Cod. If you are on the Cape this summer, I think the Beachcomber should be on your list of places to visit.

I love this place, I think you will too…


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