Jack’s Wish…

The Dandelion.. casting her seeds of growth…

Some people say, if you reveal your wishes, they won’t come true. I on the other hand, believe just the opposite. Wishes and/or ideas are like seeds, if you leave them in the package, they will never be able to take root and grow….

Spring is the time to plant and nurture new growth, especially on Cape Cod, so I feel that this will be an appropriate time to plant a new wish. My wish is as follows:

“I want to make a positive difference on this planet before I leave this world.”

Now that I’ve planted that wish, it needs to be nurtured, watered and cared for.

However, this wish is far bigger than me, for I am nothing more than a small piece of the grand puzzle; therefore, for this reason, I believe this wish needs to be adopted by all, in order to insure proper care and growth.

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