Well today May 19 2010 my blog begins.

As I start this blog, I need to be clear as to why I have started it in the first place. I’m not sure what direction this blog will take; all I can say is I am very optimistic as to the outcome. Most of my life I have dealt with people on Cape Cod on a one to one basis or small groups, during which time I have come to the conclusion that I love people. Each one of them has a different make up, I guess that’s what makes them so interesting to me. Like a library, they make up volumes and categories in vast proportions.

Some would say I look at the world through rose colored glasses, but I believe there is good in all of us and just because we might meet someone that isn’t that pleasant, there could be many reasons for their behavior. We are living in some very stressful times these days and it will manifest itself in many ways. For some it is displayed as anger. I too am angry, but I realize that if a person can channel that anger into positive energy for change, it can be a powerful tool. I look at people as rays of sunshine: individually they don’t have a lot of energy/power but combined they warm the planet and allow things to grow. Let’s imagine we take those same rays of sunshine and focus them through a magnifying glass. By channeling/focusing the combined seemingly powerless rays to a central point, when they come out the other side, they can burn a hole in a table.

I think the only way we will see change is through a collective consciousness. We need to focus our energies on the problems at hand and deal with them one by one. We have been so divided as a human race for many years. Remember the saying “united we stand”? There is another saying that I’m sure you have heard of: “divide and conquer.”

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