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Today, I had the pleasure of meeting two gentlemen from Seattle that had never been to the East Coast… They were in awe of Cape Cod’s vast beauty.  I told them they needed to visit Provincetown to visit the Pilgrim

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Our Gull Pond location is dying!!

  I do believe you are owed an explanation, I unfortunately, cannot mention names. The situation is, Jacks has become too successful on Gull Pond and there is a small group of very rich and powerful people that would like

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“Looking for a few good apples”…

I have a habit of thinking in parables; so, I guess it would be good to write in parables. Washington, DC, to me, is like a giant apple barrel. We have all these apples that are in charge of our

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Have you ever watched a moonrise??

Many of us have watched the sunrise and sunset, but have you ever watched a moonrise? A number of years ago, Jacks Boat Rental employees were having a beach cookout on one of Wellfleet’s ocean beaches. We had burgers and

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Twisting your toes in the sand…

Yesterday I sat down on the stairs at Gull Pond to stop and observe, something many of us fail to do, including myself. As I observed the many people having a great time and enjoying the sunshine, a young boy

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Sitting in the “Crows Nest”…

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with a long-time customer on what is called “The Crows Nest,” a deck on the side of a huge hill facing West, the view is out of this world. I remember

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Have you noticed??

A short time ago I wrote a story about paying it forward and used an example of driving on Cape Cod and being thoughtful of other drivers. This year so far, Cape Cod has seen considerably more traffic and many

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The Calming Qualities of Water

Observing people over the years has been a real learning experience. One of the things people enjoy most while on Cape Cod, besides a great clambake, is the water. When making reservations for that long awaited vacation, one of the

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Thinking about yesterday…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a family that has been coming to Jack’s for 30 years. We talked of the many memories they have of Gull Pond and the other ponds down stream, Higgins, William, and Herring. They

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The Beachcomber in the beginning

The Wellfleet Beachcomber is about to enter its 35th year and yes, I was there from the beginning. Reflecting back to the beginning puts a smile on my face, the friendship I have with Todd and Hugh the owners, is

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