Year: 2012

Putting together the team for 2017

Jack’s, like many other businesses, this time of year is putting together the team that will essentially become the face of  “Jack’s.” This task can be quite daunting but in the end quite satisfying; it is so important to put

Paying it Forward

A short while ago a friend of mine reminded me that it was national “pay it forward day.” Although there are a large number of people who know what this means, there are a much larger number that have no

Cape Cod, I can’t think of a better place to grow up…

When I was ten years old my cousin Brian and I bought a 1950 Chevy (for $40.00, I might add). We needed pillows to allow us to see over the dashboard and we taped blocks of wood on the clutch,

“What’s in a Handshake?”

A while ago I had a rather vivid dream, it said I was to write a book and it was to be called “What’s in a Handshake.” That dream was over a year ago; since that time, I have been