“Looking for a few good apples”…

I have a habit of thinking in parables; so, I guess it would be good to write in parables.

Washington, DC, to me, is like a giant apple barrel. We have all these apples that are in charge of our lives, unfortunately many of the apples over the years have become rotten, some more than others. Every few years the nation tries to pick a few good apples to add to the barrel. This process should be great, except for the fact that as soon as you place these fresh new apples into the barrel, they too soon become as rotten as the others. As I see it, we have two options, we either dump all the apples out of the barrel, disinfect it and one by one inspect each apple to be returned to the barrel, or we can just replace the old barrel with a clean new one and start with a whole batch of new apples.

Lets hope this year’s apple picking will be more fruitful…

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