Have you ever watched a moonrise??

Many of us have watched the sunrise and sunset, but have you ever watched a moonrise? A number of years ago, Jacks Boat Rental employees were having a beach cookout on one of Wellfleet’s ocean beaches. We had burgers and dogs with many other tasty treats. The beach fire was crackling away and the stars were magnificent. All of the sudden we noticed a small red glow on the horizon over the ocean, many of us were unaware of what that glow was. As it turned out, and as time went by, we realized it was the moon rising from the sea. It was a wonderful sight and something I am sure many of us will remember, at least I remember. As that moon rose, it got brighter and brighter and started to shine it’s beams gracefully across the water. I had never really seen a moonrise, or shall I say, paid attention to a moonrise. It was truly an amazing site. If you want to see a moonrise, it’s something you have to plan. Not only do the times change, the phases also change, you should shoot for the full moon, as that is the most magnificent…

If you take the time, you will be rewarded!

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