The Calming Qualities of Water

Herring river from the air…

Observing people over the years has been a real learning experience. One of the things people enjoy most while on Cape Cod, besides a great clambake, is the water. When making reservations for that long awaited vacation, one of the main questions people ask is…” How close is it to the water?” Comfort is important, but I think people put a higher value on proximity to the water. Personally, being out on the water has a calming effect, for the body as well as the soul. Having grown up around boats, my favorite mode of transport is the non-motorized type, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, or sailing. Don’t get me wrong, the motorboat has its place too, I just find the peaceful swish of a paddle or the wind filling your sails and blowing across your body to be far more relaxing than the deep throaty sound of a powerboat. I think that is the reason that I have resisted allowing Jack’s Boat Rental to get involved in the rental of powerboats. One of my favorite places to kayak is the Herring River in Wellfleet; it meanders through old apple orchards, under the old railroad bridge and a number of heavily forested areas. There are not a lot of houses along the river, so the wildlife is very abundant. Many people don’t realize that Gull Pond with all it’s fresh water springs, feeds directly into Herring River and on out into Wellfleet Harbor where it mixes with the salt. One other little known fact, oysters love the combination of fresh and salt water, this is one of the reasons the Wellfleet oyster is such a prized bivalve and has such a sweet taste.

It’s all about the water…..

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