Putting together the team for 2017

Jack’s, like many other businesses, this time of year is putting together the team that will essentially become the face of  “Jack’s.” This task can be quite daunting but in the end quite satisfying; it is so important to put together the right team. It seems hard to believe I’ve been gathering my team each and every year for almost 40 years.

Cape Cod is a destination place for not only people from the major metropolitan cities, but for international travelers as well. As a result of this popularity, it becomes more difficult to find qualified seasonal help due to the limited affordable housing. Nationwide, colleges have also made it more difficult by ending classes in early May and then starting the new school year sometimes as early as mid August. I wish the college administrators would understand that ending classes so early and beginning classes in August is a real disservice to their students as well as seasonal businesses. They must realize their students need to get good jobs in order to save money for college expenses. As a business owner, I need people that can stay through the season. When I get an application that says they can only work until mid August, I am forced to pass on that person, even though they may be perfect for the job.

That being said, I begin to reflect on the many wonderful employees that have worked for Jack’s in Wellfleet and Brewster over the years and all the great memories we generated together. We have had love stories, sad stories, and a mix of in between. Since most of my employees have been kids, I consider all of them to be my kids or my summertime family, so to speak. I am so proud of the fact that so many customers over the years have commented on what a great crew we have. Generally speaking I end up loving them all, some more than others.

I think this year’s crew is shaping up to be an awesome bunch!

If you’re interested in working for Jack’s, click here to access our jobs page and fill out an online application.

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